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Black Rocker Switch, 3/4HP, 125VAC 15A, 250VAC 10A, 6 1`/4" Tabs, Fits hole 3/4" x 1-5/8".

For Hobart; Stero; US Range Oven 836 Cuisine; 900 Phoenix; SDG; Vulcan ECO2C, ECO 4C, ECO6C, ECO2C, ECO4C, ECO6C, GCO2C, GCO4C, GCO4D, GCO4S, SG4C, SG4D, SG6C, SG6D, VC4EC, VC4ED, VC4ES, VC4GC, VC4GD, VC4GS, VC6EC, VC6ED, VC6ES, VC6GC, VC6GD, VC6GS, WOLF OVEN.  Replacement for part numbers: Garland 955401; Stero P495738 and P49-5738; Vulcan Hart 00-358628-00001 and 358628-1; and Hobart 00-358628-00001, 00-358628-1, 358628-00001, and 358628-1

Rocker Switch, 6 Tabs, On-Off-On, 125VAC 15A, 250VAC 10A

SKU: SW1955401
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