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Red Lighted Rocker Switch, 3 Tabs, On-Off, fits 9/16" x 1-1/8" hole, 3 1/4" tabs, 125VAC/15Amp 250VAC/10Amp, for:


Bunn-O-Matic Coffee C, CDBC Series, CDBC TWIN, CEZ, CEZ TWIN, CEZ TWIN APS, CEZF, COMBO BREWER, CRT5, CRTF5, CT, CTF, CWAPS, CWAPS-MV, CWT, CWT TWIN, CWT-APS, CWT-CS, CWTF, CWTF TWIN, CWTF-APS, CWTF-CS, CWTF-MV, CWTF-TC, CWTF-TWIN, CWTS, CWTS-MV, CWTSR, CWTSR-MV, SINGLE CW, SINGLE CWTF, TWIN-APS, TWIN-TC, VP17, VP17B; Merco Warmer; Nemco hot Dog Grill; Prince Castle Grill; Mini Clamshell: 920-D, 920-SL; Roll-AGrill (Connelly); and Roundup Grill.


Replacement part for part numbers:  Bunn 12920.0000; Nemco 47231; Merco 001469 and 001469SP; Prince Castle 78-141S; and Roundup 4010136.

Red Lighted Rocker Switch, 3 Tabs, On-Off, 125VAC 15 Amp, 250VAC 10 Amp

SKU: SW001469
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