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All-Electric 120v Console with Heater Warmer Drawer and Refrigerated Drawer on Wheels, and Hot Dog Roller Grill




Used AMF Wyott HR-40 Hot Dog Rotisserie Grill Console

  • This combination unit was custom made for a large convenience store chain. It's been refurbished and repaired, and works well. The bottom drawer is refrigerated and the top drawer is a bun warmer / holding drawer. The right hand cupboard contains the controls. Standard 120 plugin, standard Wyott parts, console mounted on wheels. Great unit for fairgrounds, food carts, or even a convenience store or ballpark.


    AMF Wyott HR-40 Hot Dog and Sausage Rotisserie Grill, SN 82 3 100, on Wyott HDK-4 2-Drawer Refrigerator-Bun Warmer Console, SN 1 7 1339 - All Electric, 120 plug.


    40" wide x 20" deep x 39" tall, and plate shelf 

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