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Amber Lighted Rocker Switch, 3 Tabs, On-Off, fits 7/8" X 1-1/2" hole, 3 1/4" tabs, 125VAC/6A 250VAC/3A, 1/4 HP. For Bunn-O-Matic Coffee Brewers Series: BCO, DSL, DSLM, DUAL, S, SAP, SL, SLF, SINGLE, ST, STAP, STF, STFAP, SYSTEM II, VLPS, VP17, VPCA, VPCAF, VPCP, VPSF; Ice Coffee Makers: IC2 and IC3; Coffee Warmers, WS2 Series: RWS; and Tea Brewers: TU5Q. Replacement part for part numbers: Bunn 02753.0000 and Southbend 1179949

Amber Lighted Rocker Switch, 3 Tabs, On-Off, 125VAC 6A, 250VAC 3A

SKU: SW1179949
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